Burnout Recovery Blueprint

Recover From Burnout Without Having to Take Time Off Work and Achieve a Healthy Work-life Balance With a Reinforced Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing

Who Am I?

I am a burnout recovery specialist and biohacker, offering training, speaking, consulting, and coaching.

I’m currently writing a book about my journey with work-related stress, the resulting burnout, and anxiety that I suffered at age 27 while working up to 60 hours per week in the food industry, as well as my life-changing journey to burnout recovery over the next 3 years.

These experiences I have gone through to overcome stress and anxiety without medication have transformed my life and I am on a mission to help others overcome burnout and build a healthy work-life balance without quitting their job or needing to take time off work.

Whether you’re an individual looking for guidance with a burnout recovery roadmap or a manager in a corporate organization wanting to prevent work stress, burnout, and related issues from arising in your workplace, My specialist coaching, speaking and training can provide the solutions you’re looking for.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Men who are motivated by achievement are on the verge of burnout because they are struggling to strike a balance between their work demands and their personal life
  • Men who struggle with time management and wish there were more hours in a day to do everything
  • Men who constantly feel stressed and fear losing their job if they reduce their workload

Who It Is Not For?

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix or overnight cure for stress, burnout, or depression
  • Anyone looking for medical advice to cope with stress or depression
  • Anyone who is resistant to change and not willing to try new approaches
Module One

Demystify Your Burnout


  • Finally understand if you’re actually burnt out so that you can rule out any confusion or disbelief
  • Uncover how you initially burnt out so that you can pinpoint the root cause
  • Identify the severity of your burnout so that you can prevent it from getting worse


In this foundational module, you will gain clarity on your situation, what burnout is, whether it is affecting you, and if so, what the root cause is so we’ll know how to start your recovery journey.

Module Two

Uncover Your Stressors


  • Gain clarity on Internal vs. External stressors so that you can evaluate the stressors that are within your control
  • Self-assess your personal weaknesses to realize where help is needed most
  • Pinpoint your strengths so that you can leverage these on your recovery journey


Let’s start by reducing your stress level. In this module, you will discover the internal stressors that you can control, and external stressors beyond your control that you can learn how to manage better.

Module Three

Create Your Recovery Blueprint


  • Develop your personal recovery blueprint 
  • Reframe your approach to goal setting so that you can avoid procrastination and move ahead
  • Rebalance your emotional well-being so you can take action with complete self-control


This is the module where your recovery blueprint is mapped out based on your personal goals. You will discover how to approach those goals proactively and how to change your emotional state to fuel your recovery journey.

Module Four

Reboot Your Energy


  • Identify Sources of Energy Pollution so that you don’t waste time and effort
  • Debunk Myths about ‘Detoxing’
  • Develop an Energy Reboot plan that works for you


It’s a struggle to get any work done when you’re constantly feeling exhausted. In this module, you will learn to master three techniques for boosting your energy levels and reducing fatigue so you can maintain high levels of personal productivity.

Module Five

Establish Your Morning Mindset


  • Discover how to create an optimized morning routine
  • Start every day with a win, bringing you one step closer to achieving your goals every day
  • Reset your sleep routine to transform sleepless nights into deep sleep recovery


In this module, you will master how to create a mindset each morning to start your day off with a win so that you gain immediate momentum toward achieving your goals.

Module Six

Overcome All Setbacks


  • Identify obstacles and barriers to action 
  • Uncover ways to get back on track and avoid getting stuck in a rut ever again
  • Master how to reorganize your schedule with time management tools


It’s inevitable that obstacles that you can’t foresee will pop up to stand in the way of your recovery journey. In this module, you will learn techniques for getting yourself back on track so that you don’t get stuck.

Module Seven

Unleash Your Inner Power


  • Uncover the secret of Power Thoughts
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Instill new Power Sentences


The power of thoughts can really affect any change implemented in one’s life, especially on a recovery journey. This module emphasizes the power of words, our thoughts, and affirmations on our day-to day-experiences.

Module Eight

Start Implementing


  • Receive one weekly implementation check-in call for four weeks to keep you on track
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles that may get in your way
  • Get accountability support to keep you motivated and moving forward


Now it’s time to implement your Burnout Recovery Blueprint, but you don’t have to do this alone. In this module, I will be with you to provide the support you need to make sure you get off to a good start!

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