Eugene Lee

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short:

Our goal is to help you overcome burnout and create a Work-Life Balance that best serves you, giving you the freedom to develop your physical, mental, and emotional well-being without worrying about additional stress to your current workload.

The way we do that is by providing personal coaching, mentorship, and accountability to our clients to implement better tools and techniques into their schedules and replace wasteful habits with productive time-savers.

So, you can focus on the activities that you love, improve work performance, and learn how to love your personal life again with mentoring to guide you along the way.

— Why

In today’s world, working long hours, being a full-time working parent or juggling being a family caregiver with numerous other life demands is no longer for the small minority, it’s an expectation of our society. And this comes at a price: our physical, emotional, and mental health.

The resulting burnout can be detrimental – A state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that leaves you too fatigued to keep up with your responsibilities.

What’s more, the commonly recommended route to recovery is to take a break from work and spend time learning to reduce stress.

But this ideology is often unrealistic, not many can afford to forego their income in an effort to reduce stress.

Thus, many people experiencing burnout and work-related stress never address it or fully recover, leaving them feeling exhausted and helpless.

— What

What you do to change that, is by taking the guesswork out of the burnout recovery journey. Having a coach helps put systems in place for your recovery process, without needing to take time away from work.

That means you can focus on getting your career and personal life back on track, with the confidence that your coach is setting you up for full recovery and the resilience to prevent burnout relapse.

Because of your full burnout recovery, you can focus your attention on what truly matters in life rather than feeling overwhelmed by an overbearing workload.

Because you will be able to identify your stressors and triggers, you will become more resilient to stress, having better control over conflicting and difficult situations both at work and in your personal life.

Because you will develop your physical, mental, and emotional well-being to a higher standard, you will have deeper connections with family and friends which will be so much more meaningful.

Because of the healthy routines, you build, you will have more time to be present for yourself, and feel more appreciated for your actions.

— How

The way this changed my life was by putting systems in place to shift my mindset and focus on physical, mental, and emotional development to build resilience and regain control over internal stressors.

This was after almost 3 years of trial and error while recovering from full-blown burnout.

I then spent 15 months building the foundations of my systems.

And this is what I’m going to give you.

We will customise and develop those systems with you, and in many cases develop a step-by-step plan for you.

So, you can have full confidence in your burnout recovery journey, all you have to do is follow your personal recovery blueprint step by step with the guidance of your coach along the way.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to be doing a deep dive analysis so we can determine the root issue of your struggle with achieving your work-life balance, and once we’re both clear on what’s going on there, we’ll discuss your goals. And if we determine working with Eugene is your best next step toward achieving your goals and attaining work-life balance, we’ll talk about that.

If it ends up not being a fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is Eugene Lee?

Eugene Lee is a burnout recovery specialist and biohacker, offering training, speaking, consulting, and coaching.

He is currently writing a book documenting his journey with work-related stress, the resulting burnout, and anxiety that he suffered at age 27 while working up to 60 hours per week in the food industry, as well as his life-changing journey to burnout recovery over the next 3 years.

These experiences Eugene has gone through to overcome stress and anxiety without medication have transformed his life and he’s on a mission to help others overcome burnout and build a healthy work-life balance without quitting their job or needing to take time off work.

Whether you’re an individual looking for guidance with a burnout recovery roadmap or a manager in a corporate organization wanting to prevent work stress, burnout, and related issues from arising in your workplace, Eugene’s specialist coaching, speaking, and training can provide the solutions you’re looking for.